Phantom GT Sizing

The Phantom GT is Nike's latest release in the Phantom line. It started off with the Phantom Visions which were then replaced by one of the most sought after boots, the Phantom Venom, before the Phantom GT took its spot.

The Phantom GT is the perfect boot for people with wide feet. It is basically a wider version of the Mercurial Vapors. Some say it is the closest boot to the Hypervenom 1s we have seen to date.

But there is something to me mindful about when it comes to the sizing of the Phantom GT. It is recommended to go half a size down with them as they are slightly longer than usual. However, there are people that wear the Phantom GT true to their size. So it comes down to personal preference.

I wear the Phantom GT myself and I have tried my true size (US 9), and half a size down (US 8.5) in them. At first the US 9 fit well. but once they were broken in, it felt too big. When I tried on the US 8.5, it was really tight to start with but once it was broken in it was perfect!

My best advice would be to try on the Phantom GT before buying a pair. If you aren't able to do this, watch some reviews on Youtube. I highly recommend the Unisport review. Click here to watch it.